OneDrive For Business The Next Generation – First Impressions

Been running the new client for a couple of days now. Works fine, much faster sync speed compared to the old ODFB.

I have two business accounts plus a OneDrive Personal.

In Explorer I get all three accounts in the “Quick access” – My second business account is named “Business2” in Explorer, in Word it got its real name “OneDrive – Naturvardsverket”.

Overall, working with ODFB is much more responsive now(I’m on a Win10 machine).

Here is a link the official ODFB NG(!) Blog 🙂

You get an OneDrive Icon per account, so it can be quit the collection:

onedrives Here you see my three accounts. So make sure you select the correct icon when you are making changes or unlinks the account.

Here you can see the dialog in Word:


// Lazze

OneDrive for Business and default name

OneDrive for Business is without doubt the greatest enabler for working outside the office on any device, a great thing! Works nicely on Windows, OSX and all phones and tablets!

Alas, everything hasn’t been rosy and cloudy with OneDrive For Business. For starters, me calling it OneDrive For Business all the time, isn’t just because I like writing many letters. No, it’s because the engine for the personal OneDrive that you can install on any computer and the one that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 is much more agile and modern than its business counterpart.

OneDrive 4B still has the 20.000 files limit + max file size of 2gb, and no selective sync for the windows version. Those shortcomings are to be corrected in Q1 2016(PPpplease).

One more thing that is quite frustrating is the naming convention for OneDriver for Business on windows. Say that your tenant/company is called “MegaGuru”, then the name of OneDrive 4B will be, OneDrive – MegaGuru. It will show up like this in explorer etc.

The problem is the hyphen “-“, that is an illegal character in some places in windows. For instance the command “send to compressed folder” will stop working inside OneDrive 4B folders. You can still use it outside OneDrive 4B and then copy the file back to the OneDrive 4B, but it feels a bit awkward. Especially if you have full redirection turned on for your users, then the “My documents”, “Desktop” etc etc will be placed inside OneDrive 4B. The users can still copy files to like “c:\Local documents” or “c:\temp” and use “Send to compressed folder” there. Another workaround is to install some 3rd party Zip-program, like 7zip.

// Lazze