OneDrive For Business The Next Generation – First Impressions

Been running the new client for a couple of days now. Works fine, much faster sync speed compared to the old ODFB.

I have two business accounts plus a OneDrive Personal.

In Explorer I get all three accounts in the “Quick access” – My second business account is named “Business2” in Explorer, in Word it got its real name “OneDrive – Naturvardsverket”.

Overall, working with ODFB is much more responsive now(I’m on a Win10 machine).

Here is a link the official ODFB NG(!) Blog 🙂

You get an OneDrive Icon per account, so it can be quit the collection:

onedrives Here you see my three accounts. So make sure you select the correct icon when you are making changes or unlinks the account.

Here you can see the dialog in Word:


// Lazze